That’s right. Every four years the entire world meets in the same place. Many countries won’t make it, some new commers, familiar faces. Old friends, old rivalties, great matches, the best soccer players of the world in the fairest of fights, the only fight that is worth fighting. The only war between countries where there are no losers, but just one winner: The world cup.

Okay, if you don’t know Jack about WC, then you either lived under a rock, or you are a newly born. In any case this is the king of events for the most beautiful sport on earth. Not a fanboy, I love many sports, but football soccer is without a doubt the cream of all sports.

This time around many good teams made it into the competition, many American teams, all America as a whole continent. Some Asian teams that although few they had quality and power to be proud of, and of course European teams, the eternal favorites in the ol’continent: Italy, France, England and Germany.

I am so proud of all the good players. This takes me to the reason of this rant-y-buncha crap today: the good-for nothing players. Many are idols of mine, I accept that. Many of them were once part of the greatest. But like a good apple they rot away in glory, and just the glory of their former selves while in the process taking the place that could have been for a younger-hope for the country.

Some other m*t#3r*u^k3>s  just have an ego the size of the pacific that won’t let them admit the kinda faggots they really are and like parasites they also happen to be they step in to stain the good name of their team. While the other few just wanted a free vacation over to South Africa while watching in first line the games of their teams as much as they could last.

So here we go without further ado the black list of the biggest freeloaders in World Cup 2010:

David Beckham, England:

Okay, Imagine you are married to one of the Spice Girls. Imagine you look like a mannequin and you appear on all kind of commercials on t.v., you model clothing, you pose with a ball, you appear in magazines of football, you are the soccer-godly handsomely sonnuva@#@$ of the time. You are Cristiano Ronaldo in the lately 90’s- Early 2Ks.

Now Imagine you lost your touch, but you are still some big name in the soccer of your country. Imagine you are all that. Now imagine you are David Beckham. It’s like you touched heaven with the fingers of a demon, right? Like life has no other meaning because you have all you ever wanted.

Now back to reality. David Beckham could easily be the least of the freeloaders of this list. Because we forgive him for been a big lump of c*4p that all it did was say “Okay, I do it, man.”

Beckham was a super star in Real Madrid. He did all he wanted, but let’s face it, his time is over. But why? Why did Fabio Capello chose him to be into world cup this year? I mean this time around?

It’s like one day Fabio woke up and after a dream with David in it, he suddenly thought like in the cartoons when a candle is lit out of a sudden “Hey, let’s put David into the team of 23. So he can show up his F-ing collection of Boss and the entire wardrobe of Banana Republic Autum collection on t.v. while he sits his sorry ass on the bench like he was in an ‘angsty’ photograpic session for a teen magazine. Oh and let’s pay him millions of Euros that comes from the government on top of that so he can feel like he is actually working. . . and stuff…”

Yes he even thought of that at the speed of love. . .

But we do not love Backham nowadays. He is like one of those bastards who would even fake the lost-of-their-child-that-flew-away-onboard-a-freaking-balloon-ha-ha-ha just to appear on t.v.

He ain’t no soccer player, he is a mannequin with a cool smile.

Just look at him…ah…look at how suave the moth#$f#$#% looks? He is all dressed up like the ladykiller he is, except ladykillers are anywhere but a football field.

David Beckham just went to South Africa, he played the astonishing ammount of time that is 0, yes, zero seconds and scored the same ammount of goals by free kick, he ran 0.00 milimeters, he completed 0 passes, he did nothing but keep the damned bench warm for his English ass! He went on a vacation, appeared on t.v. and did sh!$ for England, that by the way let US ALL SO F-ING DOWN!


You are on command of the greatest team, supposedly, other than Italy. Whole of Europe is with you. Oh but what happens? Your whole team DESPISES your freaking guts. They want you dead, literally dead. They rather be directed by a piece of cheese than by you. Your breath smells like putrid. You are so stubborn than a mule. You are mule-born. Who might you be?

Well you are:

Raymond Domenech, coach of France, world cup 2010 of course! Who else, Santa?

“Domenech gives hate a bad name.” You know something is wrong when your team won’t listen to you. You know something is wrong when your best strikers think all you speak is rubbish. You know it is over when Anelka tries to kick the living sh@$ out of your sorry ass because he wanted to. You know it’s over when you are out of the World cup ’cause your team wanted to be kicked out of world cup just to annoy you, piece of monkey cr4p!

To be able to be hated all that much not just because of the team, but the entire country and the world that follows France is something even Dr.Moriarty would be proud of.  If you don’t want to be on charge of a team, you should have said so, Dom. Then why didn’t you, you devil you? Why did you want to piss all over France just so your ego could get revenge, hm?

Yeah, remember this face, and remember it well. The man that said sorry when it was too late, but let’s be fair. This scum wasn’t at fault, not entirely. . .

. . . Because there is the ENTIRE TEAM OF FRANCE:

You know what sucks about a team of  ‘stars’?

When they preach like false prophets, and all those words have only actions from the past to be valid, but nil for the future.

France was the biggest let down in world cup, heck, in soccer since Pele started to do all those sick commercials about Viagra.  Yeah, the coach was at fault, but, he didn’t play, did he? It was the entire team that crap all over themselves, and their country. Nobody else, but them.

Ribery is innocent, like many others that tried hard to win an already-lost battle. But all in all, the entire team, as a team sucked so hard that they started licking after a while.

Biggest name in the diaries? Perhaps Jean Pierre, who resigned after the failure of the decade. Yeah you can read it here .

Or could it be president of France Nicolas Sarkozy, who scolded Henry, and probably smacked his butt just recently? Read it here.

Could it be Thierry Henry who did nothing, and in the end didn’t give a f*ck about it?

Nicolas Anelka who bravely tried to kick the ass of his coach just because he was upset. Yeah, cause we are Neanderthals in the mind, violence solves everything right? What violence can’t solve, war can. Right? Right?

Lastly the rest of the team. France tried hard, with internal problems and disputes. A couch that didn’t like them. A team that didn’t like HIM. The country in riot against their Federation. FIFA being the a-holes they always were. And finally the burned of been sub-champions four years ago broke the entire team, and gave us the taste of sh!t in the mouth like not often happens. Thanks France, you screwed up this time, and screwed up big. The entire team was paid, they were to South Africa on a tour, and they had it good, except they didn’t do their f-ing job. Uh oh, yeah you guys screwed it up, Oh well.  Viva la France!!!

Okay, france screwed up, but what could be worse than the sub-champions screwing up?


That’s right. That means you. My index finger pointed at you. Italy.

Italy, the former champions didn’t make it. Could it be their streak of draws in the first round. Could it be that only their defense was able to attack? How moronic is that. Could it be that for the first time in History, even outside world cups, Italy was out in the first round?

Well, I have news for you Italian guys, and gals: all of the above! Oh before we go on with Italy. Let’s take Fabio Cannavaro out of this. The man deserves the respect that not even his country, and countrymen for that matter gave to him. Cannavaro was the only dude who actually gave a darn and tried his best for a team that was not defeated by other teams, but by itself. Italians were defeated by themselves. They, themselves were the enemy.

Buffon was injured just when the team needed him the most. We saw a poor play by Gatusso. Gatusso even tried, I dare to say that much. The team was, just like England, hanging on the feeling of “experience defeats youth.” Guys, EVERYBODY  PROVED THAT THOUGHT TO BE WRONG!

No team of veterans has won over the team of youngsters this world cup! Ask it to France! Ask it to Mexico! Ask it to England! No team of vets could do sh!t damn it all! Why not to give the chance to young stars to shine? Are you coaches all that selfish, or plainly stubborn!

So Italy, just like their sister country France went to South Africa, all-paid by the country. Five-stars hotels. Good sh!t to eat. Train and play, and lose. Now bye bye, adios, sayonara, ciao, au revoir, and welcome home you sonnuvabitches!

The defeat was so hurtful that, you won’t probably believe me so I leave it here for you guys to read it right, the fans took the time to go to the airport, they waited for the team to unboard the plane, and they greeted them with the most socialy charged or rage and despise they could, insults to the team.

Like, yeah, well they either win, or die under a sea of crap we will spew out of our mouths. Period.

By the way, anybody saw, or knew about the shinning star of the Italian team of ol’timers? Andrea Pirlo? Anybody? No?

“Let’s take our star even if injured with us. ”

“Yeah, like the trumph card.”

“He can’t play but let’s take him anyway, to raise the morale.”

He played, and played like crap. Period, again.

So thanks a lot for robbing to the people of Italy, not just the dreams, but all the Euros you spent on hotels, food, transport, and such and such and such.

But seriously, been the great teams and players they are, this all commotion is a big surprise for some, something truly expected by the vast majority.

What happens when you are a big team in a small asociation, or zone. A team that belongs to a t.v. station, like literally. A team that is criticized by the media like every 24 hours? A team like always, almost. The ‘almost there’ team? A team like…


Who went to world cup 13 times now? Mexico!

Who has created a rivalry against one of the greatest, Argentina? Mexico!

Who has the most domminant league all over the CONCACAF? Mexico!

Who was eliminated in second round against Argentina, once again? Mexico!

Do not worry fellas, I won’t forget to write an entire post about Mexico. But one thing I will say to them, freeloaders who wasted all the money they did by going to South Africa just to be out. At least you guys went farther than expected, but no, you are no freeloaders. MEXICANS ARE NO FREELOADERS IN WC10. No. But they blamed it all on a Freeloader of first class. Javier Aguirre.

And that is the last freeloader of the day. He went. He saw. He lost. No, probably the entire team lost by their own incompetence. But like Mexicans tend to do in this cases: Blaaaaame it all on the coaches!


Long life to the KING!

#Michael #Jackson! Long life to the king of pop. Live forever in our hearts.

I humbly thank you for everything that you meant to me, for the world.

In hope that we human beings change for the good, your message of love

and hope will live  on even after we are gone, because our generation is

a generation of love, deep inside we know it. You voiced it with your music

and your actions. Although many devious people tried to frame you;

even though they tried to make you look bad, they couldn’t accomplish that

because we are not God to pass judgement over you, or anybody else for

that matter. Because although humans make mistakes, I know you did not

make such as many, because love and peace was your message.

One year after your death, to leave us for eternity. I celebrate your life

forever and after. We love you Michael, just like you loved us children, and

the ones to come.

Long life, farewell and rest in peace. The one and only

truly and genuine, KING OF POP.


Michael Jackson, king of pop

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