Long life to the KING!

#Michael #Jackson! Long life to the king of pop. Live forever in our hearts.

I humbly thank you for everything that you meant to me, for the world.

In hope that we human beings change for the good, your message of love

and hope will live  on even after we are gone, because our generation is

a generation of love, deep inside we know it. You voiced it with your music

and your actions. Although many devious people tried to frame you;

even though they tried to make you look bad, they couldn’t accomplish that

because we are not God to pass judgement over you, or anybody else for

that matter. Because although humans make mistakes, I know you did not

make such as many, because love and peace was your message.

One year after your death, to leave us for eternity. I celebrate your life

forever and after. We love you Michael, just like you loved us children, and

the ones to come.

Long life, farewell and rest in peace. The one and only

truly and genuine, KING OF POP.


Michael Jackson, king of pop


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